With Love - Letter - 21 | Pawfectly Made

21 | November 11, 2020



Here I thought you had disappeared on me. And I am happy that you are all well now. Yes, those meals do make a big difference to us, don’t they? My coat has been shiner than ever off late and the parent seems truly happy. “My  handsome boio” is how she calls me now. 

But, this whole Owile business makes me wonder if you were sick or just lovesick. :P

Sweet of him to drop by and spend the night chatting with you. Socky, you really like this one, don’t you? Is he melting your hard heart yet?? Do I smell a romance blooming?? How exciting!!! It would be so lovely!!! You and Owlie, under the stars, chatting away… sigh. What a pretty picture that makes. 

And of course, you should ask him to visit more often! Pfft on thinking “forward”. Let me tell you something we dogs do best and something if everyone followed, the world would be such a better place - if you like someone, just show it! Look at us dogs, whenever we want affection, we just ask for it! Why don’t other creatures do that too? It’s so simple. I want affection - give. Just go ahead Socky. I am sure he’s waiting for the invitation. ;)

I have been good. Yes, up to some small adventures. Will tell you about them when we meet in the park. How about tomorrow Socky? So much to tell you.

Yours excitedly,