With Love - Letter - 20 | Pawfectly Made

20 | November 2, 2020


Eddie dear,

Sorry about the long silence. I have been under the weather lately. Maybe I was not meant to be out having adventures with you. :( Or maybe it is this terrible weather. The rain and sun, playing games all day, making me cold and warm all day. My parent did take me to the doc, and he seemed to think a little rest, and some insipid meals would do me good. She listened for a day or two and realized that I was doing better with my Pawfectly Made meals and moved back to them. Thank God the parent has some sense of his own! These meals have truly gotten me better and I am now ready to move about a bit. 

Owlie did drop by one night, gently hooting to wake me from my slumber. We chatted all night long (since i am sleeping all day anyway), me lying in my bed and him sitting on the window. We talked about such different things and he does know so much about the universe and it’s doing. I do love chatting with him and don’t know where the hours go when I do. Am thinking I may invite him for these visits more often, but wonder if it may be too forward? What do you think Eds? Should I?

How have you been? What other fun adventures have you been on? Tell me all and let’s plan to meet in the park on one of your walks soon.



Yours recoveringly, ,