With Love - Letter - 19 | Pawfectly Made

19 | October 12, 2020


Sweet Socky,

I am jumping with joy that you had a good time! I must admit I wasn’t sure if this sort of thing would make you happy, but I am glad you had a lovely time. I did too! 

And my parent was not very happy to wake up to muddy paw marks all over the floor,  the next morning, but since she had a good night, she wasn't too miffed with me. She just kept back my morning treat, which is ok, considering the indulgence we had of the Pawfectly Made fish the evening before!

Oh socky, I do love the outdoors in the night and the stars, and oh, it IS true Socky, my ancestors are the stars you see. And someday, when I die and go up there, you’ll see me too, twinkling away at you. And yes, I saw how you smiled at the moon. Though it’s a little unusual for cats to be “celestial” they seem like rather “earthly” creatures.

About Owlie - me thinks you have a thing for these “wise” sorts, don't you? And by the looks of it,  you are clearly a little smitten by “Wise Owlie”. Aren’t you Socky darling?? ;)He seems sweet enough, so I would totally encourage it. Though I must admit, I yawned at least 3 times in that conversation you both were having about galactic travel and dimensions. Now why in the world would you want to have such conversations on a fun night?? It sounded to me like you both are planning a trip yourselves to the galactic!! Next time, I will make sure we call Spike too. You would like him I think. And I won't be bored when you and Owlie get to your space talk, since Spike and I will have other things to discuss then.

And yes, let’s do this again soonly! I can’t wait for one more adventure with you Socky. I am so glad we are such good friends now. Who would have thought - the haughty Sockington and floppy Eddie, becoming such good mates. :)

Yours floppily,