With Love - Letter - 18 | Pawfectly Made

18 | October 11, 2020


Oh Eddie,

What a fun-filled adventure it was. Unexpectedly though! I never did think it would be this much fun. Maybe I had just forgotten how to have “easy fun”, with the excitement of my secret missions. 

I must thank you, dear Eds, for a lovely, lovely night. Just laying in the grass, gazing at the stars, with you whispering away your nonsense of how your ancestors were up there in those stars. And the moon. How lucky for us that it was a full moon. You know Eds, the moon is my favorite. It always, always makes me happy. Though the sun does too. Maybe I am just a celestial being. 

Eds, it was so thoughtful of you to bring along a pack of Pawfectly Made Fish el Minto for us to share while we gazed at the stars. A perfect picnic snack it was! And watching you splash around in the lake!! You are such a clown Eddie. But, I am beginning to think that clowning around as you do, maybe good for the soul. And simple “adventures” can also be exciting. 
I do hope you did not get into trouble being all wet from the splashing and carrying the dirt home! It would truly put a damper on such a perfect evening. 

And then meeting Owlie. God, he’s just the loveliest, isn’t he? With his big beautiful eyes and deep throated hoot. And wise, so very wise is he. What a lovely discussion it was, once he joined in - about interstellar and galactic travel. He should know. Seems like he has been to some places I have only imagined. 

We should do this again Eds. It was a truly wonderful, lighthearted, and easy night, one I shall remember very fondly. Now I must go get my beauty sleep. 

Cheerios Eddie Dear.

Yours dreamily,