With Love - Letter - 17 | Pawfectly Made

17 | October 6, 2020


Dear Eds,

Your enthusiasm is contagious! I have been smiling all morning (so UNLIKE a cat) after your letter. And yes, I will go on that walk with you on Saturday night, by the lake. I am still not sure it will be an adventure, but I am looking forward to meeting you. Which is a little unusual for me as I rarely look forward to anything (besides my pawfectly made meals every day). 

I think it may be because I have rarely come across anyone who gets so excited about such little things! You are almost like a child Eds, which is endearing in its own way. My life has been so proper and full of serious others that meeting you is refreshing, but only in small spurts. Let’s see if this meeting will still make you endearing to me. 

And Ed darling, you know I am not a social being, so meeting Spike may be the last thing I would want to do. If we do bump into him, let’s not make plans to “hang” with him. It’s not my thing. 

I wouldn’t want you to be uncomfortable so, it’s ok about the tea. I’ll sit and enjoy mine in peace. I do enjoy my tea time quite a bit Eds. Especially when my parent is with me, rubbing my ears and neck. I tell you Eds, It’s the best feeling in the world.

I will see you at 8 o'clock on the dot, on my porch on Saturday and we can walk to the lake together.

See you soon,