With Love - Letter - 16 | Pawfectly Made

16 | October 2, 2020


Dearest Socks,

This is exciting! Let’s go on this adventure. How about this weekend, when both our parents are out in the evening, for their usual Saturday night shenanigans? We could sneak away and go for a stroll to the lake? Oh, how exciting the thought of sneaking away and prowling about on our own! 

I have done this once before Socks, it was when I bumped into Spike and made a friend of him. Though I must tell you, Spike did scare me at first, but he’s a nice soul. You’ll see when you meet him. I do hope we bump into him on our adventure. Am sure when Spike is involved, it will become an adventure and not just “fun” for you too! I am soooo excited!

About tea, maybe i'll pass on that because I am really not sure, I would be comfortable sitting with you at tea. I am a tad conscious of myself around you and also, tea is not really my thing. My pawfectly meals keep me rather happy, so I’ll pass on that tea. But I can't wait to see you this Saturday!

Confirm soon.

Yours excitedly,