15 | September 22, 2020



Fine, go ahead and call me what you want, but you do know it's a funny way of “showing love”. And while you bring that word up, isn’t it too soon to be using the “L” word between us. We haven't even met yet and here you go “showing love”, Pfftt!

It’s good to know of your fear of thunder and I can imagine how scared you may have been. I personally am not scared of much, except of new humans - they give me the heebie-jeebies!
And Eddie dear, the next time a night like that arises, just holler and I’ll come and hold your hand. That’s what friends are for, isn’t it?

And I am not getting old or boring sweet Eddie, I have just had more than my share of adventures and now wish to live a life of peace and quiet. Although having gotten to know you this much, I do think what you call an adventure, may just be a “fun” experience for me. That said, ok, let’s do something “fun” together soon.

About propriety Eddie, well I know you will slurp down the tea in big splashy licks, so I do intend on having tissues close at hand to wipe up after you, and also a large bowl for the tea to be served in, so don’t worry.  About the Dress code - it’s a casual tea Eddie, come as you are. So when shall we fix up for?

yours boringly,