14 | September 14, 2020

letter- 14 | Pawfectly Made


Hehe, I know you don’t like it, which is exactly why I will call you that! Think of it as a weird way of showing you my love and trying to get you to loosen up. 

That “rat toy” as you call it Socky, is my best buddy since I can remember. He goes by the name of Remo. And Remo has gotten me through some very rough nights, especially the ones where it thunders like the sky is going to fall! Brrrr, I am getting the shivers thinking about nights like that.

I remember this time, where my parent was out and it thundered so loud I yelped out loud, and ran to hide under the bed, carrying Remo with me. I  shoved Remo under the bed and squeezed in myself and we hid there. I held on to Remo for dear life, and I am not sure I would have survived that night with him. It was a relief to see my parent back and it took her more than an hour to cajole me into coming out from under (also the fact that I got stuck there and she had to lift the bed to get me out. :P). So yep, Remo is my best and oldest buddy. 

You are getting boring and old Socky! Let’s try ONE adventure together and if you don’t have fun, I’ll never ask again. I promise. 

And how kind of you to invite me over for tea on the patio. But, Socky dear, are you sure you want my shaggy self at your tea table? I wouldn’t know what to wear and how to “sip” on tea, and that may annoy you. So do give it a think and if you feel it will be ok, I would love to come by. 

Yours excitedly,