13 | September 4, 2020

letter- 13 | Pawfectly Made


First, please stop calling me “Socky”.  I am not your “roll in the mud buddy”, nor that cute, cuddly rat toy that you take to bed with you every night. (yeah, I have walked up to your window on my usual sleepless nights and taken a peek. You looked adorable hugging that thing so sweetly and with that little drool on your chin) I prefer we keep things at Socks - That is as far as I will let my proper self be informal. And that too, because I like you Ed. Else, no one dare call me Socks, forget Socky!!

And about my secret organization, what can i say, it may or may not lead to adventures with you, but it does keep my mind razor sharp. Those pawfect meals that are giving you muscles in your body, are giving me some in my brain. ;) I have been thinking much clearer now. 

An adventure of our own. Eddie dear, you know me. I hardly want to step out, forget running off with you on an adventure. I like things just as they are, my adventure days are beyond me now. But if it helps, and while it may not be adventurous enough, would you care to join me for a tea one of these lazy evenings? With the weather being so beautiful these days, I take my tea on the patio, and I am sure my parent won’t mind me having company out there. Let me know.

yours sincerely,