12 | August 24, 2020


SOCky !!,

I am now a little scared of being your friend! What is this secret organization you are talking of? Is it legal? Or is it some voodoo cult?? 

My dear friend, if it's anything not legal, I'd rather not know and also be wary of you as a friend. You see, I am a simple dog, with a simple life, which doesn’t need complications. I am having visions of the movie my parent was watching the other day - “Knight and day” it was called, where this poor girl gets dragged into a spy’s drama! I do hope you don't expect me to get on such adventures with you! If you do, I’ll have to ask my parent to give me more of that yummy, but delicious Pawfectly meal, so i get fit enough to be able to keep up with the adventure. I am telling you, this food is making me feel like I will be able to take on Spike very soon. Though Spike is not one to fight. He usually keeps to himself, unless Tom, that friend of yours starts to annoy him. 

Also, wait! This adventuring thing is starting to grow on me!! Let’s do that Socky. Let’s go on an adventure together! For a few days and then we can come back. What say?

yours adventurously,


Socky !!,