10 | August 12, 2020

letter- 10 | Pawfectly Made

Dear socks,

Thank you for giving me a new perspective on the losing battle. It is true. What my human wants, she wants. Always gets too. So I think I am mentally preparing to add another yappy puppy to our family. On the bright side, I could blame all my “mischief” on the new kid and get away with it. Oh! I can see this picture in my head. Me looking like an angel and my human scolding the yappy, who is looking sad and sullen, while she calls me a good boi’. It’s a really happy image. This idea of having a yappy is growing on me now. What fun I am going to have with that little one. How are things with you and Pickles? Have you tried blaming things on him?

Oh, I forgot, you are a “proper” cat. You don’t get up to mischief, do you Sockie? Which is sad. And that makes me ask you a very serious question - were you always a proper cat, or did something happen to make you like this? Because from what little I know of you, I can’t imagine you being up to mischief, having fun or even just laughing from your heart. Do tell me. Just trying to get to know you better Socks, but if you’d rather not tell me, that’s ok, I’ll still be your friend. And no, I wouldn't want to form a union. Why would we do that??! Are you secretly a member of the Labour party?

Yours inquisitively,


Dear Socks,