Pack of 8

stock up on bounty with this pack of 8

mamma mia, it’s a crunch fiesta! there can never be too many treats for a furbaby as good as yours. stock up on bounty with this pack of 8 for great health that’s abundant and tasty flavour that’s endless. mix and match the treats of your pet’s choice - from oats and peanut butter to honey and bananas - for snacky love that goes straight to the heart.

Peanutty buddy

peanuts, organic wheat flour, peanut butter

Oaty Bites

oats, peanut butter, organic oat flour

Apple Tweetos

applesauce, cinnamon, wheat flour

Honey Hearts

bananas, honey, organic wheat flour.

100 gms x 8

INR 800

Have you tried our delicious, human-grade, customized and pre-portioned pawfectly made pet food for your fur baby yet?
We have 11 recipes to chose from and all you need to do is cut and serve the food. No adding water, heating, or any other added task.
Click here and give us a try. There is truly no better way to get your pupper healthier and happier than shifting to our pawfectly made pet food. Trust us, mealtimes for your pet will become happy times!

NO returns. Items once sold are not returnable.
In case of defects or pet not liking our food, we offer a full refund of the amount paid. the refund is processed to the same channel through which you have made the payment within 5-7 days of your request.

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dog biscuits home delivered

Pawfectly Made, Best Wholesome healthy dog biscuits delivery Bangalore.made from all-natural goodies packing yummy nutrition, these bite-sized crunches of love are ideal for your furbaby’s snack breaks. available in four wholesome flavours in packs of one, four and eight, these nibbles combine the value of health and taste at affordable prices. no preservatives, no additives

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