Suitable for 1-10 yr old cats and dogs

chicken ala broth

chicken, veggies

chicken zucchinio

chicken, brown rice & veggies

chicken el spinacchio

chicken, egg & veggies

chicken ala corny

chicken, corn & pumpkin seeds

chicken wooflebean

chicken, kidney beans & flax seed

chicken el seedo

chicken, veggies & chia seeds

lamb au win

lamb, veggies

lamb rrroyal

lamb, brown rice & veggies

fish purrington

fish, veggies

fish el minto

fish, brown rice & veggies

fillet o miaow

fish, egg & veggies

suitable 4-12 month puppies


chicken, brown rice, carrots, spinach and boiled eggs


chicken, oats, broccoli, sweet potatoes and olive oil


lamb, brown rice, pumpkin, green beans and olive oil


fish, brown rice, carrots, zucchini and olive oil

Pawfect sampler pack , subscription dog-food

Our pack of 1. Pick the recipes you feel your Pet will enjoy at ½ price to try, as we want your pets to love us before you start your subscription.