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100 g
Product Details
  • Refrigerated (0-4°c) shelf-life, 7 days
  • Suitable for puppies between 4-12 months old
  • Made from Chicken, Brown Rice, Carrot, Egg, Spinach
  • No soy
Nutrition (Values per 100g)
  • Energy 156.82 kcal
  • Protein 22.5 g
  • Fat 2.97 g
  • Fiber 0.29 g
  • Sodium 0.75 g
  • Moisture 62 g
Is it necessary to have high protein diet for my puppy?

Yes, a high-protein diet is important for puppies as protein is essential for their growth and development, including muscle and tissue formation.

Why is the moisture content high in the food?

Puppies, like all dogs, need adequate hydration for overall health. Moisture-rich food helps keep them hydrated, especially if they don't drink enough water on their own.