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200 onwards
The Sniffer Trial Pack | Pawfectly Made
  • 3 pre-portioned meal packs
  • pick any 3 of our 11 recipes
  • 1 box of 3 meals each
  • single delivery


450 onwards
The Weekly Bud Pack | Pawfectly Made
  • 7 pre-portioned meal packs
  • pick any 7 of our 11 recipes
  • 1 box of 7 meals
  • single delivery


1250 onwards
The Dozen Woofer Pack | Pawfectly Made
  • 12 packs of furr-ever fresh meals for a foodie fiesta.
  • pick 3 any of our 11 recipes
  • 4 boxes of 3 meals each
  • weekly / every 4th day delivery of 1 box with 3 packs

Vegetables for dogs, pet food

best fresh vegetables for dogs Pawfectly Made Vegetables for dogs is Fresh, healthy, and handmade dog food, convenient to store, serve and order. our pawfectly made meals with Vegetables for dogs are made from human-grade meat and fresh vegetables that dogs enjoy.. they come in recipes of Vegetables for dogs, lamb, chicken and fish and are made with human-grade fresh meat and farm-fresh vegetables for dogs, to ensure the meals are as gourmet as fresh dog food can get. you can order fresh dog food meals with Vegetables for dogs through a weekly or weekly subscription or just try us out with our trial pack offering. Pawfectly Made meals are fresh dog food made with fresh vegetables for dogs and ready to serve. all you need to do is cut the packet and serve. This Pawfectly Made fresh dog food with fresh vegetables is loved by dogs across Bangalore and is made fresh using fresh vegetables for dogs, human-grade meat, free-range eggs, and brown rice. Pawfectly Made fresh dog food recipes include fresh dog food with chicken and vegetables for dogs, it is dog food with fresh meat - chicken, grain and vegetables, dog food with chicken, eggs and vegetables and fresh dog food with with fresh meat - lamb and vegetables, fresh dog food with lamb, grain and vegetables, fresh dog food with lamb, eggs and vegetables and fresh dog food with fresh meat - fish, grain and vegetables, fresh dog food with fish, eggs, and vegetables. It is the healthiest and tastiest meal with Vegetables for dogs your dog will ever eat.
Your guide to buy dog food when it comes to buying the best pet food for your pet, there are certain checks pet parents must be alert to. the ideal nutrition for pets is that which includes balanced proportions of non-vegetarian and vegetarian fresh food. that’s exactly the good stuff that pawfectly made meals are made of!

our menu includes a variety of wholesome fresh pet meal recipes and healthy pet treats, to give pet parents a large range of pet meals and treat options to choose from. fresh homemade pet food for dogs, cats and puppies, all in one place!

wet pet food: fresh pet food isn’t just better in freshness & flavor than dry pet foods, but it assures the best health for your pets, including healthier digestion, better immunity, increased energy & more happiness. pawfectly made’s 11 signature recipes of dog food & cat food, plus 4 puppy food recipes, made with the combined goodness of meats, veggies, fruits, eggs & grains, give your pet well-rounded pawfect nourishment. your pet deserves nothing less.

dry pet treats: every pet loves to cronch! pawfectly made treats for dogs & puppies – made with the delicious natural flavors of fruits like apples & bananas, yummy goodies like peanut butter, whole oats, eggs, cinnamon & honey. pawfect for training or treating your pets and puppies when they are on good behavior. tasty snacking without compromising on your pet’s health!

frozen pet treats: pets realllly enjoy eating cold things. so, what better than frozen pet treats, two of their favorite things in one pack, to give them the time of their life? pawfectly made’s pawpsies, made of super healthy pure bone broth, are pawfect to give your pet as frozen treats. our broth is also available in convenient gelato packs to add a healthy kick to your dog or cat’s diet like nothing else. these are a must-have!

feeding per your pet’s life stage using our proprietary algorithm, every pet meal plan is customized & pre-portioned based on your pet’s age, life stage, breed, size, weight, etc. to ensure they get just the pawfect nutrition they need. our adult fresh pet food is pawfect for dogs & cats between 1 to 10 years old, while fresh puppy meals are handmade with love for puppies between 4 to 12 months.

how to transition your pet to our food fresh pet food will give your pet guaranteed better health, from head to paw. to see those positive changes, pawrents should transition their pets to pawfectly made meals correctly. when starting with our fresh dog food or fresh cat food or fresh puppy food, slowly add our meals to your dog’s / cat’s / puppy ‘s old diet & over the week, keep increasing the amount of pawfectly made your pet eats. in one week, switch to pawfectly made completely! this chart shows you exactly how to transition & the changes you will see in your pet.