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INR 200 onwards
  • 3 pre-portioned meal packs
  • pick any 3 of our 11 recipes
  • 1 box of 3 meals each
  • single delivery


INR 450 onwards
  • 7 pre-portioned meal packs
  • pick any 7 of our 11 recipes
  • 1 box of 7 meals
  • single delivery


INR 1250 onwards
  • 12 packs of furr-ever fresh meals for a foodie fiesta.
  • pick 3 any of our 11 recipes
  • 4 boxes of 3 meals each
  • weekly / every 4th day delivery of 1 box with 3 packs

Lamb Cat Foods

best lamb cat food delivery Pawfectly Made is the best lamb cat food, your cat can get. It’s Fresh, healthy, and handmade best lamb cat food, convenient to store, serve, and order. our pawfectly made best lamb cat food meals include lamb cat food because it is customised to your cat’s needs, which we figure with our cat food calculator. This best lamb cat food ensures your cat gets all the nutrition it needs. Our Pawfectly Made healthy cat meals are the best lamb cat food and are loved by cats across Bangalore and are made fresh using fresh vegetables, human-grade meat, free-range eggs, and brown rice. Pawfectly Made best lamb cat food recipes include lamb cat food with lamb and vegetables, cat food with lamb, grain and vegetables, cat food with lamb It is the healthiest and tastiest best lamb cat food your cat will ever eat.